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The Journal of the Middle Waters Frontier has suspended publication, due to lack of time and the necessary funds to print and mail it.  It seems that the lives of our contributing Editors have gotten as harried, simultaneously; contributions were harder to come by--but back issues ARE available at $2.50 plus 55 cents postage each.

Here you'll find tidbits from primary sources, definitions of period words and phrases, fine period reproductions and reprints of historical books and documents, and research. There is news of the French and their Indian allies, Musical Notes, Foodways, Clothes Lines, and items of special

interest to women, including some eye-opening bits of fully documented primary research that may change a few long-held misconceptions.


Articles covered foodstuffs in the pantry of Territorial Governor William Clark, military matters, the Spanish Colonial period, the use of face and body paint by Native Americans, Colonial architecture, growing early food plant species, awareness of camouflage principles, inventories, accounts from captivity journals, a history of Ft. de Chartres, capotes, shortgowns, and research methods.


We were very proud of our fine contributing editors, Steve Wilson, Dave Hinkley, Barbara and Denny Duffy, Gary Liming and Joseph Ruckman, as well as a number of contributing writers and researchers. The Journal earned subscribers in 45 states and two foreign countries. These subscribers included historic sites, state historical societies, libraries, and individuals.


We appreciate your support for this effort, and thank all of our previous subscribers.  We managed to keep afloat from the fall of 1997 until issue

#12; issue #13 lagged far behind, and the last issue, #14, is still to come. Your patience has been invaluable.


$2.50 single issue for back issues; if you wish sets or multiples, please inquire about postage.

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