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Recreating the American Longhunter 1740-1790

by Joseph Ruckman

An exploration of the life, clothing, and gear of the longhunter of America's frontiers.

From the author's introduction:

As the title implies, this book was written for those who are looking for some guidelines on what the 18th century longhunter looked like and the type of equipment he used with an eye toward reproducing it. But rather than limit the reader to appearances, I hope to encourage those who wish to do so to go beyond being 21st century men (and in some cases women) wearing funny clothes and shooting old-fashioned guns and move into the realm of creating their own 18th century character (sometimes called a persona) with a unique history and identity of their own.

Why you would want to do so is a question that is difficult to answer. I suppose it has to do with authenticity. Anyone can assemble a hodgepodge of gear and clothing and go out and play longhunter. It's quite a different matter to develop a separate entity with a life, appearance and history of one's own that could have stepped out of the past.

You may have already begun doing so without realizing it, explaining (either to yourself or others) why you wear certain articles of clothing or carry certain pieces of equipment. Sometimes this may be a means to defend yourself from those who tell you something you are wearing isn't "correct." But eventually you may find yourself wondering who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. These are questions that I hope you will ask yourself, and I hope this book will help you to find the answers."

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