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"...Beginners in 18th c. living history can trust Mara Riley and Kate Johnson to get them off to a good start, while old hands will find this book to be a good refresher course, with maybe a thing or two to teach them!" -Sharon Ann Burnston, author, Fitting & Proper; 18th Century Clothing from the Collection of the Chester County Historical Society

 "Historical reenactments are a wonderful way to bring the past to life, and clothing is critical to the authenticity of an event. Ms. Riley's guide and Kate Johnson's illustrations are an important step in helping a new person participate with confidence in 'hands-on history"  -Sally Queen, author, Textiles for Colonial Clothing and editor of Historic Fashions Calendar Series

"This booklet delivers an enormous amount of information in a very short space yet remains thoroughly readable. This guide is small enough to be read and understood in an afternoon, yet contains enough information to create a complete, accurate 18th century Colonial American or English look. It strikes just the right balance between including necessary basic information and omitting optional advanced details. And it's light enough to carry with you when you're shopping! This booklet is ideal for everyone who is new to 18th century women's clothing, from reenactors to docents to stage costumers to authors of historical fiction. Old hands should keep this guide on hand to loan out, and I hope to see it in the gift shop of every Colonial historical site."  Sue Felshin, Contributor,

Whatever Shall I Wear?

 by Mara Riley, illustrated by Cathy (Kate) Johnson

New large format! Whatever Shall I Wear; a Guide to Assembling a Womanâs Basic 18th Century Wardrobe by Mara Riley is 8 1/2" x 11", and 56 pages, perfect bound, two-color cover. Lavishly illustrated with both 18th century cuts and large, clear drawings, many gleaned from period paintings and drawings. Detailed closeup drawings of many of the subjects covered; touches on clothing from early century to the Regency/Federal period.

Included you will find:

Fabric Choices, Basic Stitches, Colors and The Use of Fabric
Shift, Petticoat, Pockets
Stays and Jumps
Bed Gown, Short Gown, Jacket
Gown, Apron
Handkerchief, Cap, Hat
Shoes, Stockings and Garters
Cloak and Mitts
Makeup and Hair Styles, Jewelry
French, German, Scots and Irish
Recommended Reading, Patterns
Sutlers or Merchants, Fabric Sources
On-line Resources

8 1/2" x 11" size, 56 pages, perfect bound

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